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basic allowance for housing

Understanding Basic Allowance for Housing

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Options for Housing for Military Families

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Military Housing: Off-Base Living

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Military Housing Rules and Regulations for Home Buying

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Rates Are Rising, How Does this Affect VA Loans?

Rising interest rates have been all over the news in the last few months, and you might be asking yourself,...
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How Do Higher Interest Rates Affect Home Prices?

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard about the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates. If you’re in the process of relocating,...
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Air Force: Base Housing Rules and Living Off Base

All military families know that military life involves moving, moving, and more moving. You learn to adapt and roll with...
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Renting vs. Buying: Military Edition

Should I buy or rent a house? Active duty military families are asking themselves this question across the United States....
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Where to Live Near Luke AFB

Are you being PCS’d to Luke Air Force Base and looking to live off base? Or perhaps, you got a...
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Luke AFB BAH Rates: What To Know Before You Move

For military service members and their families, moving to a new station can be an overwhelming process, often filled with...
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Preparing To PCS To Luke Air Force Base? Read This First…

Moving can be an incredibly tedious process in general, and a PCS move is typically filled with plenty of anxiety...
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5 Reasons Your Family Will Enjoy Living Near Luke Air Force Base

Permanent change of station can be a difficult time for any military family. It helps tremendously if you have a...
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3 Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Home Buying Journey

A home is one of your life's biggest investments, and nothing can be more fulfilling than buying a new house...
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Applying for a VA Loan: Follow This Simple 4-Step Guide

Thanks to the emergence and growth of America’s modern real estate market and the different financing options that have taken...
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What You Need to Know About Making the Best Offer on a Home

Making an offer on a home is a big step. The lengthy process of getting a mortgage and house hunting...
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Determining the Amount You Can Qualify For with a VA Loan

If you’ve been looking at homes near Luke Air Force Base, you’re probably wondering how much you can afford when...
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