Having a VA loan is one of the most financially responsible investment decisions you can make. It is a government-backed mortgage program, meaning it has a 100 percent loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. It entitles you to finance the full loan amount without private mortgage insurance (PMI). However, you do have to meet the eligibility requirements to get in. But what exactly are they?

This article will discuss three important facts every VA loan applicant should know. Take this as an opportunity to forward your aspirations to have a house to call your own. This way, you can gain some financial stability, better your quality of life, and support your family.

Fact #1: VA loan eligibility is something you need to earn to enjoy its benefits. 

You may have been confused about the eligibility requirements since there’s a lot of misinformation from different sources, especially among older veterans who refer to outdated details. You may also have some questions about obtaining your VA privileges since you know it’s something that’s earned. Fortunately, we can put the conspiracies to rest with the truth.

If you are a service member and want to determine your eligibility, you first have to know the different types of service and positions to know if you meet the standards. Consider the following service requirements for your guidance:

  • You need two years minimum if you are a regular service member

  • You need six years if you are a reservist or member of the National Guard

  • You need 90 days of active duty in wartime

  • You need 181 days of active duty for peacetime

You also need to note the following seven uniformed branches which have the home loan benefits:

  • Air force

  • Army

  • Coast Guard

  • Marines

  • National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

  • Navy

  • Public Health Service (USPHS)

If you need further details about VA loan eligibility, you can talk to our team. We are well-versed in this side of real estate dealings, and we can take this chance to look into possible house listings you and your family may want to consider as your new home.

Fact #2: If you are a surviving spouse of a fallen veteran, you can earn eligibility. There are also other related terms that can provide a veteran’s spouse with VA benefits. 

The spouse has a say in what their loved one serving will undergo, especially during life-threatening situations. For instance, the military may contact if there is a chance that their loved one won’t make it. Since they also sacrificed to the country in a way, they can also enjoy VA benefits.

The same goes for if their loved one gets disabled due to their time serving, was a prisoner of war, or becomes missing in action. These new developments grant more aspiring families to meet their house-related plans despite unfortunate incidents.

Fact #3: Once you meet the VA loan eligibility requirements, you have to undergo the rest of the process.

After eligibility for the VA loan, you have to undergo the tedious process of proving your capability of paying for a mortgage, which involves doing a credit report and providing detailed information on your assets and income. You also have to back these claims with documents, so you may have to wait longer before stepping foot into your new home. That’s why you have to ensure you have the right real estate professionals by your side to guide you through the process, ensuring it’s as stress-free as possible.


VA loan eligibility is a privilege that should not be overlooked, especially if it’s going to be for the house of your dreams. Now, you have a better understanding of what particular criterion applies to your context. You just need to find a real estate professional to assist you with your home buying processes. Begin thinking about the ideal VA loan!

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