So you’ve got your military PCS assignment, and you’re headed to a new location. This season is not new to you. You’ve been on active duty long enough to be a pro at packing up and moving across the country. You also know that you have some decisions to make. Chiefly, where should we live?

Before you make your choice, it’s wise to check out the on-base military housing because every base differs. But it’s also wise to consider the benefits of living off base. There are many pros and cons of each option, but there is one big perk of choosing off-base living for your military housing. Below is a quick breakdown of that perk.

What is the Biggest Perk of Living Off-Base?

Choice. The biggest perk of living off-base for military housing rather than choosing on-base living is the choice it affords you.

When choosing to live in housing provided by the military, you are often not given much choice. Your family size, rank, and availability of housing determine which house you will live in. Your home is assigned to you, and often, you are at the mercy of what is available after being placed on a waitlist. This house will be convenient, but it may be outdated, small, lack privacy, and may not be in the best shape.

But when you choose to look off base, you have many options. You can choose your own bedroom count, house square footage, the distance you’d like to drive, neighborhood size, proximity to shopping or nature activities, and more. Off-base housing allows you to tailor your lifestyle to your needs and gives you more control over your surroundings than living on base does.

You also get to decide whether you would like to rent the home from a property manager or make an investment by purchasing your own home to put down roots to feel a sense of permanency.

Once you choose off-base housing, you have many more decisions to make, but the benefit is that the choice is always yours.

Finding Off-Base Housing

Our team at Desert Heroes understands the choices and limitations of military life because we have all been there. Whether your family needs more space than on-base housing allows, you’d like more privacy in your day-to-day living, or you’re ready to invest your BAH pay into your future with a home of your own, we can help.

Call us today to discuss your options and view the communities near Luke Air Force Base and Davis Monthan Air Force Base.