Military life is full of ups, downs, and moves across the country. If you have been a service member for a long time, you probably know the drill. But for newcomers, the process of moving and finding new housing can be overwhelming. For old dogs, too, it is always a good idea to revisit your options, as some bases housing options can differ from others.

Here’s a brief breakdown of your housing options as a military service member.

Living On Base

Choosing on-base military housing has its perks and drawbacks.


For single service members or those whose families will not join them at an assignment, barracks or apartment-style living is available. Each base has a different style, from a single room to a double room, to full apartments available. Depending on availability, your rank may also determine your unaccompanied housing options.


Housing that is owned by the government and is actually located on the military installation itself is sometimes available, though this option is phasing out in recent times. These homes are provided by the housing office and are designated based on rank and family size. When choosing this option, you do not receive BAH pay, as it goes directly to paying for your home and utilities.


The most popular “on-base” housing available in recent years is housing owned by the private sector. These neighborhoods have a contract with the government to provide military housing and operate much like rental homes, though they are specified for military families. These homes may be located on base or directly off base nearby a base entrance. Typically, your BAH pay is paid directly to the private property manager.

Living Off Base

Choosing to live off-base gives you more choices and options and has its pros and cons.


Military families may choose to live off-base and use BAH pay to cover the cost of rent and living expenses. When selecting this option, it is up to you to find a rental home in the area that meets your housing criteria and falls under the BAH amount your receive, or you can choose to make up the difference out of pocket. This affords you the option to live in an area you desire near different amenities or schools. Renting off-base operates the same way as renting for civilians.


Military families do not have to live in temporary housing. If you desire permanency and want to put down roots for the duration of your station, you can do so. Many families choose to use their BAH pay towards the purchase of a home. When PCS season arrives again, you can either sell to buy in your new location or choose to rent out the property for a profit.

Military Housing in Arizona

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